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Greeting Cards

Welcome to my site of listings for some wonderful, and hopefully free, internet greeting cards sites. I've tried to come up with a large enough listing here so you have some quality choices for internet greeting cards. I search the web on a regular basis so as to try and update this as frequently as time allows. Just use the small scroll box to find the sites listed and it will take you to them. I hope you enjoy this free service I offer here and please stop by some of my other sites I have and sign a guestbook either on your way in or out and let me know you were here. Enjoy and have a great day. Thanks!

I am proud to announce that I now have my very own greeting card site. I made all the graphics myself and chose the music and background tiles as well. Please stop over there first and check it out and see if there is a card from there you might like to send to someone. If you don't find anything pleasing, use the scroll box above to find another card site you might enjoy. Thanks again.

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Christmas is fast approaching so I've already put up my Virtual Christmas Greeting Card site. As the time draws near, please don't forget to visit there and send everyone on your card list a Virtual Christmas Card. I have some lovely old fashioned Christmas Card pictures. many to choose from. have fun and early Happy Holidays.

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